If you have just received and started up your new spa or just turned it on for the first time this winter but the pump won't start (it may also be giving you error codes), it is possibly due to a frozen pump.



Our spas are water tested and drained in factory for quality assurance. However, it is possible for a small amount of water to be left in the lines at delivery. Likewise, if you have had your spa sitting off for a long period of time (filled or emptied) and just turned it back on during cold weather, any amount of water left in the lines would have the chance to freeze. 


NOTE: Residual water from factory testing is not enough to crack pipes or cause damage but it will prevent the impeller from turning.  The pump will either refuse to start (in order to prevent damage to the impeller if it were to start spinning with ice inside) or it will hum.



Please be sure to turn OFF the power to the spa before performing these solutions.


The easiest solution would be to melt the ice in the pump and plumbing by heating the entire cabinet. Simply place a small space heater or at least two 100W incandescent light bulbs INSIDE the cabinet and close the panel behind it (leaning the panel against the spa to close the opening will suffice).*


To melt a small amount of ice, it should only take a few hours. Periodically try to start the pump and check for flow or turning of the shaft. For more extreme cases (a frozen tub), it would be best to leave the heater in place for a few days.


Once the pump starts up, it is best to keep the heat source on until the tub is filled and/or starting to heat on its own.**



Otherwise, the quickest solution would be to directly melt the ice in the Wet End of the pump (where the impeller is located):


  1. Close both the intake and discharge gate valves to the pump (remove black security clip if present, push valves down and twist to lock).
  2. Undo the intake union (side) and discharge union (top).
  3. Pour warm/hot water into the discharge opening of the wet end allowing it to flow out of the intake opening.
  4. Use pliers to try moving the motor shaft and see if it has gotten free. If not, repeat Step 3 until the motor shaft is able to move freely.
  5. Once the motor shaft is able to turn freely, quickly reconnect the intake and discharge unions and open the two gate valves.
  6. Turn the power back on and activate the pump.


Intake and discharge   gate valves  circled in   red, intake and discharge   unions  circled in   yellow.


*Ensure that the heat source is not too close to any of the components in order to prevent heat damage or fire.

**Do not perform initial fill with hot or extremely cold water as this would give you further error codes. Fill with a cold/warm mix above 45F and do not exceed 100F.


If warming up the pump with warm water or a heater/light bulb does not work, please see the solution   How To Free Up A Frozen or Seized Pump  for further technical assistance.


If you require any further assistance, please contact   Customer Service.